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Having your own web site with custom domain is more valuable to your growth than most print, or social media handles can offer. It allows you to step up and beyond others to establish your mark lost in the clutter of today's social media only to add to it's fire. Proving your serious to your audience while boosting awareness worldwide as well contributing to efforts with search engines like that of google. Your own domain can and is continually proving valuable than real estate while more and more people world wide embrace the internet each and every day straight from their PC and more so than ever, smart phone / device they now tend to even sleep with.

Realizing the power of all aspects of today's growing and ever changing website and social media game, Tim Mulvey has partnered up with Canada's front line team(s) of SEO professionals at BreezeMax and website developers / e-commerce innovators, Shopify to provide his clients with the world's most efficient solutions for website development, SEO for any website idea. As an official Shopify partner there is nothing hindering Tim and his team from achieving the vision you see for your custom website endeavour. Backed with over 15 years of website development experience in both front end layout and customization to the tedious back end custom coding. Over the years Tim Mulvey and his team have learned the tricks of the trade to overcome and navigate the many hurtles to the avenues of website development and social media ( Including: WordPress, Drupal, Go Daddy, Etsy, Big Cartel, Glossy Collective, Inksoft and many other open source portals to create) Truly, the sky is your limit to all of your on-line needs, both website development and social media promotions and awareness. 

Whether it's simple set-up of your site, secure hosted email / social media promo to full on managed campaigning or gaining more traction adding followers. A master in SEO solutions to help your movement rise above. Tim Mulvey and his gifted team have you sorted in any and every step of the way!



- Consultation, Innovation, Creation to ensure the best direction for your budget

- SEO and Social Media awareness (adding followers + views) maximization 

- Hosted promotional / E-commerce site solutions (Shared & Individual options) 

- Secure hosted email server integration and management

- Social Media creation, effective campaigning + overall maintenance solutions

- Encrypted communications and data storage security / back up (Internal and cloud)




Here are just a few active sites created entirely by www.TimMulvey.com with many more in the works and some left behind over the years:









Many more links available upon request!


To get your project on-line today... contact:

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