"With every direction to any avenue my path finds me searching to pursue... I am grounded by those whom allowed me to be...  My parents, My rocks... more like Gem stones!



I continually strive to arrive somewhere close to the drive and work ethic that was instilled by my father... Mr. John 'Peter' Mulvey. The man truly behind the definition of the term "Word is Bond"... While growing up he was a stern teacher. Later for me to realize... it was for me to be a strong leader!

A man whom always puts himself aside for the cause, to help others go beyond! That's a man! Sometimes few on words... Many others a wordsmith in his own right... The reason why I put my thoughts to write.

The man who became my best friend. #RudeBoy #Legend #LostRelic #MyDad #Support


+ Combined with the host to my creativity on all regards of the term...


My beautiful mother (Mrs. "Amazing Grace" Mulvey) She took her time to bring out my creative soul... Early on, She Pointed out the harmony in melody to the many aspects of arts, design and overall interior display in time periods along the way. Instilling values to pride one's self, simply by ensuring to pay attention to every possible detail of colour, composition, contrast, with every element in between!

The true gatekeeper to my introduction to the vast art of music, in which has became my savior many times! Not only opening the doors to my soul... My mom has opened the freedom to create music within my mind! She showed me the value of music and the diverse power it holds on so many souls... including my own! My back bone to any musical endevour of any sort! #RudeGal #Soul #MyMom #Support


Spawn by these two pinnacles I hold to the highest standard of what support and the word #SOLID means to be... Best belive I am a #SOLID being!"




"My work ethic is beyond athletic, never apathetic to those trying to reject it!"

I  push my myself and spirit to sprint after all inspirations and ambitions. Realizing life is too short to hold back... This found as a valuable lesson from many close fallen soldiers lost in my life that never even had the chance to simply search or reach for their dreams. Their potentials were sacrificed by life, in which we all take for granted. This understood, backed with the ora of their energies accompaning me  my journey has empowered my soul to follow my heart to where my creativity takes me."

Starting with www.SolidApparel.com derived its start as a school project in his early years of his Graphic Design course at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Once established, to meet demand, efforts steamed to create custom print division www.GotMerch.ca to better cater to client demand for custom printing now offering professional design and print solutions for all. As the good word traveled, the network grew then birthing www.GlossyCollective.com, formed as the official bricks and morter store front and retail outlet nestled in the heart of downtown Toronto for the better part of a six year stint held heavy. This massive retail risk rendered it's worth by evlevating the standard for not only Solid Apparel, but that of many local brands and artist's an open mindset but a voice with in the feisty Toronto retail   location to call home to display and sell their creations.

www.SolidApparel.com #SolidApparel

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www.SolidApparel.com #SolidApparel


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