SCHEME BEING is a seasoned creative alliance of gifted artists brought together by their love of electronic music. A like minded network of producers curating a sturdy standard as a world renowned creative collective approach to art and sound, bound for the masses and beyond!

Containing a vast cast of skill sets, spanning across an array of creative talents in music production, promo mash ups, video production, merch innovation, social media, creative design, event promotion, and live theatrics. An overall multi-media output allowing our collective voice to be seen and heard. As we build, the #SchemeBeing brand rapidly spreads amongst the multi genres we explore and adore, blowing up any dance floor.

Represented by an army (Family) of Dj's, Producers, Live Loopers, Musicians, and MC's hashed to create a live PA and visual display. Backed by marketing clout establishing us as a proper plotted portal to our craft. An alliance true passion, deeply rooted in the worldwide underground electronic music scene. Sprouting from a healthy seed steaming from some of the world's biggest ports of electronic music... Canada, Poland, Ireland, England, Germany, Belgium and Spain. Networking the #SchemeBeing brand collectively we bond rising beyond every limitation of any boarder or barrier set to front across the planet.

STRAIGHT GOODS, We produce... An epic live show, emoting a stellar display of pure positive energy hosting a vibe by dropping banging tunes, spitting banging bars as a innovative LIVE PA flex for all to embrace. Sure to capture any crowd, rendering JUDGERS TO LOVERS as we venture amongst the many avenues of our soul's vibrant past, current vantage and exciting journey left ahead.

SCHEME BEING is NOT be be defined... Given our directive we refine. Mashing up any opportunity proper, continually touching down to countless genres including: electro, house, deep house, tech house, edm, techno, minimal house, funky vibes, trap, breaks, drum and bass, jungle, reggae, hip hop, punk rock, including forgotten relics, random gems, with organic infusions.

We strive to unite, allowing our "Being" to discover the "Scheme" to approach all aspects we have found and created to encourage us to explore and SOAR, beyond the genre titles / styles other's fiend to be defined by.

OUR MISSION is to simply follow up from the roots that we have been inspired by and endeavour to fulfill the lost avenues we see left to be discovered.