Where did it go Toronto?

Being an old school raver since the age of 16. Incan remember it as clear as day with it now o er 20 years behind. It was the Better Living Centre on the nestelgic Exhibition grounds in Toronto. It was DJ Bad Boy Bill (Chicago) b2b with Richard Humptyvision amongst heaps of many other djs slaming track to track as we all embraced history in the making. The real rave scene in its purest most desired form. Me and my homies had our faces melted with the whole display. From the epic sound, intoxicating ighting, theactrics, dancers, themed interiors, To the overall vibe of complete unity with the over 5000 people in attendance dancing beside me as the ceiling drips to the sketchy early morning light as reality rose with the day but lost today is the message, and willingness to do something for a cuase and not applause.

It was costumes, fly style, genres of electronic music being created in front of you. Sound finding its roots and expression following its motion. 

Today's dj gimicks are a dime a dozen. The intenet leveled the playing field for True talent across the globe... but it's not heard live, it's heard at home alone. That open connection was the attraction. Today just doesn't get it however I will remain blessed to be apart of that time in electronic music history!

Just thinking... miss those days!